9 Affordable Fashion Brands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

9 affordable fashion websites your haven’t heard of | online shopping | women’s fashion | style ideas | outfit inspiration | women’s clothing | paisley jumpsuit | red purse | gamer in a gown

Ok, I’ll admit it – I have a bit of a shopping addiction. Around the time I wake up in the morning, I usually check HauteLook to glance at the latest deals. At night when I get home from work, I pop onto ASOS and throw items that I’ll probably never buy in my basket for the fun of it. And while I lay in bed at night, I scroll through my Instagram feed looking for outfit inspiration.

When you reach this shameful level of clothing addiction, you will begin to realize something: more and more often everybody is wearing the exact same thing.

Don’t get me wrong, basically 100 percent of the time these outfits are beautiful and perfectly curated, but really, how many ways can that same pair of Zara jeans be styled? I don’t know about you, but seeing so many women wearing the same pieces over and over can feel a bit uninspiring. Sometimes this repetition makes you feel more like another face in the crowd rather than one in a million.

For those of us who dare to be different or are simply sick of looking through the same handful of stores, I have curated a list of my personal favorite affordable online shops and boutiques that you may have not heard of yet. Each of these shops offers unique and beautiful items that will be sure to help you stand out amongst the crowd!


Style Comparison: H&M

Pomelo can best be described as basics with an Asian inspired twist, playing upon everyday clothing items, shoes, and accessories with unique proportions and shapes. The pieces are bold and playful, but not so editorial that you could not rock them to the office or out with friends.

Even better, Pomelo offers extremely affordable pricing with a constantly revolving door of sale items for those of us who are trying to spread our dollars further. I love how interactive their sizing predictor is: all you have to do is plug in your height, weight and bra size, and they will tell you the best-predicted fit for you, including if it will be more on the baggy or tight side for you.

This shop is a definite go to when you are looking for timeless basics that go far beyond your typical plain white tee or black cigarette pants.

Hello Molly

Style Comparison: Revolve

If you have a vacation or event on the horizon, you need to check out Hello Molly lickety-split. This brand has a very similar vibe to Revolve, but everything is offered at a much more reasonable price point. The short hemlines, frilly details, and lacey pieces feel ultra feminine, so Hello Molly is great for any girly girls!

There are so many summery and flowy tops, dresses, and rompers that sometimes I like to browse through their website putting together my dream wardrobe for the Santorini vacation I have completely made up in my head.

Lily Lulu Fashion

Style Comparison: Boohoo

I have always been a huge fan of Boohoo’s extensive selection of knits, streetwear, and trendy items. That being said, I was so excited when I discovered Lily Lulu.

Lily Lulu is packed with a plethora of fun, trendy pieces that won’t break the bank. One of my favorite things about this site is the amazing number of shoes and accessory options it provides. Because the pieces are so trendy yet affordable, they give you the flexibility to try a ton of new looks without breaking the bank.

Morning Lavender

Style Comparison: Lulus

For those of us who love dainty, ladylike pieces like lacey tops, tulle skirts, and pastel color palettes, Morning Lavender is a match made in heaven.

They are not just a great resource for everyday fashion items, but they also offer amazing options for those looking for dreamy outfits to wear for romantic photoshoots or for your bridesmaids to rock on your big day. Trust me, this site is worth checking out.


Style Comparison: Reformation

If you are like me, you spend more time than you are proud of lusting over designer brands like  Zimmermann and Emilio Pucci. But if you are also like me, your broke butt could never afford to actually move forward with a purchase from them. Cue AFRM.

You guys, AFRM is next level. They have a fairly extensive selection of well-crafted items that look like they just walked off the runway at Fashion Week but cost just about as much as your weekend trip to Zara. From long-line tiger print coats to jacquard co-ord sets – these pieces will guarantee that the only person you will risk twinning with at a party will be the poor sucker who spent thousands of dollars more than you. So who’s the real winner here?

2020 Ave

Style Comparison: Forever 21

2020 Ave is a perfect compromise for anybody who is in love with Forever 21’s trendy styles but is feeling a little more Forever 22+.

2020 Ave’s outfits are insanely fun, trendy and modern – offering the perfect options for those of us who may be on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice our style. You can come to expect lots of teddy bear sweaters, animal print accessories, and bold jewelry.


Style Comparison: Mango

Mango is easily one of my favorite places to shop at. I am just simply obsessed with the elevated style, classic pieces, and timelessness of their offerings. But after a while, I find myself feeling a bit bored and wanted to expand my horizons. Article& has been a wonderful alternative.

While Article& is at a bit of a higher price point than most of the other stores on this list, their products are so classic and well made that you can have a piece of mind knowing that they will last you a long time.


Style Comparison: Charlotte Russe

For those of us who have caviar taste on a McDonald’s budget, Love Culture is a wonderful way to have your cake and eat it too.

Love Culture is an affordable fashion site that offers a huge selection of trendy pieces for less than the price of your afternoon lunch. The extensive range of clothing, accessories, and shoes means that you will be bound to find something that fits your style.


Style Comparison: Zara

Can we all come to a general agreement that shopping at Zara online is literally the worst? Call me old-fashioned but I prefer to see how the products look on, instead of scrolling through pictures of somebody wearing a coat inside out or rocking a pair of pants on their head.

Bershka is exactly what I imagine the perfect online Zara experience to be. They offer amazing, fashion-forward Zara-esque pieces at an incredibly affordable price, and best of all, all of their models are actually wearing the clothes properly so you can understand how they will look on.


Style Comparison: Missguided

Are you the kind of girl who never shies away from glitter, bodycon and showing a little (or a lot of) skin? Akira is the shop for you.

Akria is for those who love sexier pieces that would shine in any Instagram model’s wardrobe. Their items are not for the faint of heart, these pieces are made for the gals who are not afraid to turn heads and gain a ton of attention! The sexy, modern style of their outfits practically mirror Missguided’s vibes.

Which online store is your favorite? Are there any shops that I missed? Share below in the comments! 

Outfit Details: Paisley Jumpsuit (Lookalike); Red Purse 

9 affordable fashion websites your haven’t heard of | online shopping | women’s fashion | style ideas | outfit inspiration | women’s clothing | paisley jumpsuit | red purse | gamer in a gown

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9 affordable fashion websites your haven’t heard of | online shopping | women’s fashion | style ideas | outfit inspiration | women’s clothing | paisley jumpsuit | red purse | gamer in a gown

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    Great finds! I haven’t heard of a lot of these. Thanks for the tips!

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    Nice article! These all brand sounds amazing. I will definitely try some of them. Thanks for sharing such a great article.

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